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May. 5th, 2012

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

Bullies, go away.

 A man once said that there will *always* be talented people and the people who criticize these *talented* people.

But unfortunately, he forgot to mention how people will always be so silly enough to well take advantage of people as well as the technology to say such cruel things to their profile.

What a wonderful world we live in today.

The thing is, there will always be stalkers, fakers, snobs, bullies, poseurs, and such. But lately it seems as if more of them are around even more than usual. How is that? I'm not sure.

But quite frankly, I know this world isn't fair and it's full of these harsh words but why don't we change it? like turn it around?

You know, like, stop showing pictures of super anorexia thin girls with perfect skin, hair, make up, teeth, and clothes that look effortless? Every girl is beautiful, but no girl isn't always like that. Technology can make her only look like that on the cover. Heck, she could be a size ten, with really bad acne. if everyone thought that those models have problems, then a family friend of mine wouldn't be refusing to eat, now would she?

I think it's not right that if you refuse to eat and that all your problems of being overweight or your thoughts of over weight will all go away. Wrong.

I'll tell you how it goes: you get hungry and so much more less energy but even as you lose so much weight, you still see a image that reminds you of the taunts and your insecurities. 

That's just stage one.

Stage four is when they send you to a hospital to make you eat and force you to gain more weight so you don't kill yourself while starving.

I think when someone is trying to look like a girl in the movie, that's wrong. It's actually impossible to do. That's like becoming a unicorn. No way is a horn going on your head. 

And no way can you do that to yourself, even if you are a model and/or starving yourself. 

You can die by the lack of food that you are feeding yourself. And by exhausting yourself.

Stop it.

Your beautiful. i don't care if all your peers call you an ugly piullow, your a beautiful pillow.

Come on, smile! We *adore* you.

Don't listen to those bullies, you are much better than that.

Bullies, stop being so cruel.

Did i get my point across?

You're beautiful!

May. 4th, 2012

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u


Imagine. Imagine you are in high school. Imagine you are in class minding your own business. Imagine a so called "popular" kid walks over and demands you do their homework. Imagine walking through the halls and girls are making me fun of you.


Imagine it. The world is not a warm fun place. The world can be down right cruel.

But we can change that.

You are beautiful. No matter your problems, no matter your issues. You are amazing.

Promise me, you'll believe it.

Stand up to bullying and let's end the taunts and the mean kids. Don't abuse it. Just stop it. There is a difference from criticism to being down right cruel.

Let's stop it.

For once and for all.

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Apr. 18th, 2012

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

No subject this my friend.

I am so done.
Because I am just done.
Life is so unfair sometimes. I mean come on, life can't smell like strawberries and blueberries. Instead it reeks of urine and vodka lemonade. So if life smells so bad, why can't life have strawberries and blueberry moments?
Because it's life.
I have a mountain upon a mountain of homework on my shoulders. Case in point I can get it done but it's so utterly confusing I just feel so overwhelmed. I'm here to take a deep breath and calm down.
I can calm down thank you very much.
I can handle life.
I can do this.
Because life gets better.
Rawr I'm a monster.
Yay for monsters!
Why yes you can.
We got this.
Okay awkward silence much?
Yes indeed.
I like blogging.
That is all.

[mood] good
[music] Take A Step At A Time (Jordan Sparks)
[reasons?] Stress. Too much. Blah.
[rant] I don't know......

[L O V E Y O U R S E L F]

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Apr. 17th, 2012

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u


[dedication] t o l o v e
[disclaim] d o I k n o w y o u ?
[Summary] [i] am Alice. [You're] the Queen of Hearts. [Off] with your head! [Stop] believing, [and] start reality.
[Note] this fan fiction came to me in the middle of the night. Scary huh? [Enjoy!]

[Y o u r n a m e?]

[A L I C E_]

[W E L C O M E B A C K!]

[R E A D Y F O R M I S S I O N ?]

a slight smirk touched her pink lips.

Oh yeah.

She was ready.













A/N: Review.

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Feb. 5th, 2012

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

A writer gab.

Just how long have I been away? A while. A really longggg while.

Things have been crazy.

I need to focus better. I need to write more and talk less.

Laptop would be wonderful.

I need to do all sort of crazy things.

One thing is true though,

I need to write with more details! Yes! I think, I'll wake-up, and get ready super early.

Then, write and write--------wait, I could do that now! Shoot, later!

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Dec. 28th, 2011

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

Painting Flowers. 5 DRAFT

Painting Flowers.5
Kairi could feel the sweat dripping out of her system and into the hand holding she and Sora were doing.

I can't believe this. I really can't. Please tell me this isn't a dream. Please. Please tell me its real. I'm holding hands with him, even if as friends. Kairi thought. Kairi could hear her heart against her rib cage. Her face was turning a tomato red.




The few things in life only some people will have.

Sora walked on the leading trail that would hopefully take them to the blue caterpillar not to what he was thinking...

If he did that..

("I swear to God Riku, why am I still around you two? Seriously! Can't you two think right for once!" Mitsuki had screeched. The Mad Hatter shook his unruly hair of curls on his head."Let them be young. You're only young and foolish once. I was once like that." The Mad Hatter said softly. Yuffie rolled her eyes."You were crazy but inspiring. Besides, you were 17 at the time. Much more mature than these two perverts. I still think that Riku and Sora should--" Yuffie began her explanation of waiting to reveal their faces and titles to the job that they had. "No. They're a little foolish but they're ready. Besides, they have Alice & the Hostess to keep their feet on the ground." The Mad Hatter said firmly. The March Hare cocked his head towards the two."Speaking of, try not to think of dirty thoughts. It will lead you to...where it just lead you. Okay? Especially you Sora. Alice will be innocent. She doesn't know." Leon said crossing his arms and looked directly at him. "Okay Leon!" Sora said happily.)

Oh if only he could concentrate.


Sora turned around, his eyes meet. "Yes?" he asked his voice raspy.

Kairi's face flushed. "Um just w-where are we going?" Kairi asked with a hint of curiosity.

"Oh um we are going to speak with the Blue caterpillar. He'll tell us where we need to go. So this path will lead us there, you see?" Sora explained pointing to the moving ground.

Kairi nodded. "Well that makes somewhat sense I suppose." Kairi said, feeling rather stupid after the much obvious explanation of it all.

Sora nodded."Mhm, let's keep going, shall we?" Sora said quietly.

Kairi smiled."We shall." Kairi said softly.
"Who am I today? Why I am Alice today and forever! I cannot be no one else, other than myself!"
It was eerie silent between the two.

Kairi didn't know what else to do. It was quite in relevant that Sora didn't want to talk.

At all.

Kairi caught herself staring at the ominous scenery surrounded by the two.

The trees are so tall and green, the flowers are all around, random shadows in the forest, random vegetables and fruits grew by the roadside in groups and the path to this place seems to be growing more and more in secret confidence. This "caterpillar" must be hiding in the shadows. Kairi thought to herself in awe.

Everything around the princess was abnormally tall and unusual. Never seen before in such a life time. The place of Wonderland seemed to be a dark place rather than a happy place.

Suddenly a huge bird swooped down to yell out a "CAWRAWR!" at the pair who seemed to have jumped at ten feet in the air.

"The heck? What was that!" Kairi said, out of the breath."Seriously Sora, what was that? It looked like it was ....well I don't know what it was! That was just so--"

"--Freaky? Welcome to Underland, lady." said a very unfriendly voice behind the pair.

Slowly the pair turned around.

There stood an old bitter rival ,Pete, dressed in some weird black and red outfit that was obviously too tight. Behind Pete, there seemed to be life size cards behind the fat man.

"Pete? You're the knave of hearts? That's pathetic." Sora said, bravely but his grip on Kairi's hand tighter.

The knave smirked.

Oh I can't wait...

....to see you shimmer in your blood.....

Painting Flowers.6.5.
"If nothing is true, what more can I do?"
"I am here to take you down! No one can surpass me! For I am the knave of hearts! The Queen of hearts will have Alice & her head! I suggest you--"Pete said proudly, opening his eyes in his little speech only to find nothing in front if him.

Silence met the Knave of hearts.






To find Alice and her head of course.

March, to death.

March, to pride.

March, to live.

March, to breathe.

And so, they march against all morales and pride.
"Smoking will kill you, don't you know?"

"I have no reason to live, that's why I enjoy these pleasures in life."

"But you're going to die!"
The moment Pete closed his eyes, Sora grabbed Kairi and ran as fast as he could.

The only thought he had was concern for her safety and well being.

So the Prince ran through the woods as fast as he could.

Finally they entered a clearing of mushrooms and flowers. Sitting ontop of a oddly bright yellow mushroom was the blue caterpillar.

His face was old yet filled with wisdom as his blue eyes stared over the two hand holding teens.

Upon on his little hand held a long stick that seemed to have smoke come out of it.

A cigarette? What the heck? Kairi thought as she watch the blue caterpillar put that in between his fine blue polished lips as if it was a tooth pick.

"Speak." the blue caterpillar sounded awfully like Cid.

Sora rolled his eyes. "Yes Gramps." he said rather...sarcastic?

Since when does Sora do sarcasm? I never knew. This place is crazy! Seriously! First I fall down then some creepy girl has Sora and Riku acting like she's their new best friend! Then some creepy mad guy dies! What's next!?! Butterflies turn into butter and bread!? Kairi thought, her face in shock to see a talking blue caterpillar.

Where an I?

How did I get here?

And why is my name Alice?


Why do they insist calling me Alice?

I'm not meant for this scene in the show.

Who am I?

And what am I doing here?

This must be a dream.
But it's not, Alice.
It's very real indeed.
Pinch yourself all you want.
You're Alice, whether you like it or not.
"Can you tell me what I'm suppose to know? I don't know what to do!" Kairi said, rather bluntly.

"Well that's one way to say what's on your mind," the blue caterpillar chuckled. "But just who are you? Are you the Duchess?" the blue caterpillar asked, rather supicious.

"No. I'm Alice." Kairi told the blue caterpillar.

The blue caterpillar sighed. "Well that's one way to be blunt. But next time someone talks to you about this, call yourself the Princess." the blue caterpillar said.

"The what?" Kairi asked, confused.

The blue caterpillar blew out some smoke. "The. Princess. Can you handle it?" the blue caterpillar dared the so called Alice.

Kairi or rather Alice narrowed her eyes.


The attention was shifted to a man with spiky blond hair in a white suit with white bunny ears. A familiar red ribbon was wrapped around his strong neck. His blue eyes glowed against his pale skin.

"I got the script. Just as you requested." the white rabbit spoke, his eyes never leaving the Prince.

Kairi gaped at the Man in white. He has white bunny ears! Bunny ears! What is wrong with this place? Kairi thought, amazed.

"Nothing is never wrong with this place. Why this is wonderland." said the blue caterpillar, who smoked in the Prince's face for calling him gramps.

"Well then can you tell me? All I know is the story. I don't know the rest." Kairi said trying to sound more Alice.

Because she is, Alice.

The caterpillar sighed.

This is going to be a fairytale,

But not a happy one.




A/N: Note the next scene is a Aschenputtel scene of SoKai.

Um hi guys! Pay no attention to this! I'm just editing my story err whatever. Sorry if this makes no sense. I will be so surprised if people actually click on my livejournal account. Oh well.

I'm doing this from my baby (iPod). I write most of my stories on the computer but in this case, the first section is on my computer but my computer had a virus but I still wanted to write so I wrote this & then I kept adding on. And continuing to add on. Fun huh? Well I'll post the full version on FF soon, I've just been busy. Super busy. Yuck. Okay well whatever. Bye! I'll problaby update this (or not) but if I do, that'll be great I guess. I hope everyone had a Happy Hoilday!

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Dec. 19th, 2011

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

What to do.

I'm watching this movie in class. i wish i could be writing something fablous. but oh well.

I'm trying to ignore the movie. I really am. It's because i watched it before and it was soo stupid.


Sa sweet escape from th

"Death is upon us. You may not feel it, but it is upon us."

  Death was such a bitter escape yet a bitter ending to the story, play, event, movie, book that i live and breathe in.

Such shambles.

Such death is upon us all.

Yet we are oblivious to it all.

Because you are civilains in your little world.

But when the torando comes through and kills you all,

your curiosity has killed you.


"what to do with a girl? Do we kill her?" Riku asked Leon, while staring at the unconcious body of the female. Leon shook his head solemnly. "The dark leader has offeref something that is too good to pass up, in exchange for her freedom and return in their safety, he will give us all he information we need or want. While we have her. Of course he said that if he finds out that if we don't take care of her, then he will kill Radiant Garden and Destiny Islands...without a warning and without hesitation, he would do it in the blink of an eye." Leon said.

Yuffie eyes widened. "But why? She's just some girl. They get more recruits of magic wizards and fighters than we do!" Yuffie protested.

Leons eyes fluttered. "I think that the Dark leader has a special connestion to her.' Leon explained his eyes deep in thought.

Aerith turned around, looking at Yuffie. "What kind of special connection, do you mean? The dark leader is unknown, Leon. We don't even know what he's capable of other than without this girl, the dark forces are hopeless." Aerith reminded Leon.

Leon opened his eyes. "It's a family connection. According to Thunder, Lightning was always praised and favored. In fact, Lightning was the youngest and only female to become a keyblade weilder and handle the dark forces. There's no way an ordinary girl could make it through nthe training of a dark forces soilder. And besdies, even if she did want to, she wouldn't be trained to be a solider, more like an assistant or secretary. So the question is, how did she become such a high ranker officer right above her own so called partnera and right below the villians who assit the dark lord. Really, did you honestly think she got that rank all on her own? She must've had help. Don't you think so?" Leon asked.

Riku nodded his head in agreement.

There really was no ther way.

Mistuki means the world to the dark lord.


OMG The movie has been freaking me out, i'm sweating like a pig.

GAH! it's so stupid!

I need to distract myself! NOW!

GAHHHHHHH! *tries to think of ponies* Repeat! 




I need to stop it, like now, I hatewatch depressing movies ever since I was a kid I hated it. it would be so silly in my opinion I mean it's so freaky right now.

LA LA LA I'm not----oh man!


BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Dec. 7th, 2011

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

Why I see you too. Mr. Rabbit

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Nov. 13th, 2011

BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u




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