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BFF's are life bra's...they're close 2 u

Bullies, go away.

 A man once said that there will *always* be talented people and the people who criticize these *talented* people.

But unfortunately, he forgot to mention how people will always be so silly enough to well take advantage of people as well as the technology to say such cruel things to their profile.

What a wonderful world we live in today.

The thing is, there will always be stalkers, fakers, snobs, bullies, poseurs, and such. But lately it seems as if more of them are around even more than usual. How is that? I'm not sure.

But quite frankly, I know this world isn't fair and it's full of these harsh words but why don't we change it? like turn it around?

You know, like, stop showing pictures of super anorexia thin girls with perfect skin, hair, make up, teeth, and clothes that look effortless? Every girl is beautiful, but no girl isn't always like that. Technology can make her only look like that on the cover. Heck, she could be a size ten, with really bad acne. if everyone thought that those models have problems, then a family friend of mine wouldn't be refusing to eat, now would she?

I think it's not right that if you refuse to eat and that all your problems of being overweight or your thoughts of over weight will all go away. Wrong.

I'll tell you how it goes: you get hungry and so much more less energy but even as you lose so much weight, you still see a image that reminds you of the taunts and your insecurities. 

That's just stage one.

Stage four is when they send you to a hospital to make you eat and force you to gain more weight so you don't kill yourself while starving.

I think when someone is trying to look like a girl in the movie, that's wrong. It's actually impossible to do. That's like becoming a unicorn. No way is a horn going on your head. 

And no way can you do that to yourself, even if you are a model and/or starving yourself. 

You can die by the lack of food that you are feeding yourself. And by exhausting yourself.

Stop it.

Your beautiful. i don't care if all your peers call you an ugly piullow, your a beautiful pillow.

Come on, smile! We *adore* you.

Don't listen to those bullies, you are much better than that.

Bullies, stop being so cruel.

Did i get my point across?

You're beautiful!